Ferritin H and L Monoclonal Antibodies

Murine monoclonal antibodies for human ferritin H & L chains from Dr. Paolo Arosio at the University of Milan, Department of Science and Biomedical Technology, has been made available through Ramco Laboratories, Inc., Stafford, Texas.

The anti-H chain is named rH02 and is an IgG1. It has been raised against the human recombinant H-ferritin and has a higher affinity than the previously used 2A4. It does not cross-react with the human L chain, and has specificity analogous to the 2A4 described in references 10 & 18.

The anti-L chain is named LF03 and is an IgG2b. It was elicited by human liver ferritin (90% L chain) and does not cross-react with the H chain. Its characteristics are described in reference 18.

The antibodies have been used with good results in various techniques by the University of Milan and other groups. Some of the uses and characteristics of the antibodies are described in the literature provided by Ramco Laboratories.

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